The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in Cannabis Security

While it is widely known that diversity and inclusion play essential roles in all industries, the necessity of these attributes in a security team becomes paramount when lives and property are at stake. Ensuring that a security company prioritizes diversity in their hiring process, and therefore is staffing cannabis businesses with individuals from all backgrounds benefits the hired employees and the companies and communities in which they work.

Furthermore, encouraging an environment of inclusion after the hiring process ensures that employees stay with the company long-term. With high employee retention comes confidence in services; meaning, the cannabis businesses that a security agency services will increasingly rely on and trust the operators securing their business.

Not only is fostering a diverse culture of employees equitable, but it also improves a security team’s overall effectiveness. As we’ve discussed before, cannabis businesses face evolving and sophisticated threats.  A diverse security team who can pull from their backgrounds and utilize their individual perspectives are better equipped to protect against these threats. Additionally, when a crime is in progress, responding operators from various backgrounds may be able to use their experiences to mitigate a potentially dangerous or violent outcome.

Another factor a diverse team can aid in is the overall receptiveness of the cannabis business from the community. According to research from the National Retail Federation, 61% of shoppers prefer organizations with a clear stance on diversity and inclusion. This statistic further exemplifies the importance of hiring a security agency that compliments the business’ culture of diversity. Encouraging and reinforcing a workplace of diversity can also make it easier for security companies and cannabis businesses to maintain a more reliable and cohesive staff.

Hiring a diverse workforce is only the first step in cultivating an organization that prioritizes its employees. Inclusion comes in the form of caring for the individuals and listening to their needs. In the security industry, it is crucial that security operators know that their life is valued over anything that can be replaced and that their safety is the number one priority. Creating a work environment that encourages employees to voice their opinions and engage with leadership regularly can lead to a positive and more inclusive workplace that benefits all individuals within the security agency and the cannabis business.

Lastly, it should be noted that in some places throughout the country, application points may be granted to those seeking a cannabis license in their area. For any questions on this matter, please reach out to our friends over at Sapphire Risk.