Services We Provide

Xiphos Corps' strategic service offerings include, but are not limited to, Physical Security Services, Classroom and Field Training Modules, Risk Management, Threat Vulnerability Assessments, and Crisis Response solutions for today's complex and dynamic client environments.


Facility Risk Assessments, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Security consulting is a foundational cornerstone of our organization. The threat landscapes for businesses, high net worth individuals, and specialty assets has never been more elevated. The Xiphos consulting team utilizes best practices from the military and law enforcement spheres to create actionable intelligence for our clients. Tapping into a multitude of resources and tools at our disposal, we carve a path forward for our customers, through tumultuous times.

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Security Management

Crime Prevention Through Proactive Oversight

Many organizations, large and small, do not have the time or resources to build out and manage a corporate physical security program. Our Security Management solutions eliminate the need for internal security executives or directors and apply vetted and trusted standard operating procedures. Xiphos can recommend, implement, and manage enterprise-level policies, physical security hardware, CCTV, access control, and visitor management systems.

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Physical Security

Static, Roving, and Vehicle-Borne Armed Security Operators

Our Guard Force Management solutions provide clients with a highly visible and proactive security posture. We deter potential criminal activity and nefarious intent from bad actors by deploying uniformed, armed professionals that actively engage with their environment. These Security Operators use various technologies to provide factual, real-time reporting on incidents. When alerted, our Operators will investigate and verify alarm conditions and can adjust to rapidly evolving threats.

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Executive Protection

Plain-Clothes, Security Professionals for High Threat, Dynamic Environments

Our Executive Protection agents have experience in providing close protection priorities in all environments including urban, rural, and fixed-site residence protective services. Whether concealed carry or unarmed, these professionals conduct protective operations on any scenario from overt to low visibility. This solution is designed to be adaptive, effective, and can accommodate low to high threats in any environment.

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