Physical Defense Solutions for 2021

The pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life in America, and for the home state of Xiphos Corp. in California, that is no different. Terms like ‘safety’ and ‘security’ came to take on new meanings, incorporating masks and social distancing to add layers of protection for those at risk. This evolving mindset on protective and, even in some cases, ‘defensive’ equipment also shed light on other products and positions that individuals and businesses needed to rely on to protect themselves from threats. This was clearly demonstrated by tracking specific crime dates that saw significant spikes in homicides and car thefts, according to the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).

Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Diego are four major cities that all experienced a significant rise in this type of violent crime and commercial burglary in 2020. According to the data provided by PPIC, Los Angeles marked 332 homicides, which was a 40% uptick from the year prior. Oakland had 102 homicides, which saw a 36% increase. San Francisco marked 48 homicides, which is a 17% increase, and San Diego marked 55 homicides, a 10% jump from the year prior. Vehicle thefts increased by 24% in these cities and commercial burglaries increased by 26%, though commercial burglaries actually dropped by 26% in the city Oakland. It is also important to note that contextually, the timing for some of the commercial incidents was correlated to George Floyd’s death and the subsequent civil unrest that followed.

Private individuals and business owners pursued many different potential solutions for defense. As reported by the Sacramento Bee on March 16th, 2021, California saw a surge in gun sales. “About 1.17 million new guns were registered in California in 2020, and as many as 369,000 people went through the state’s firearms background check process for the first time”, they stated. The SacBee utilized state data which was filed in federal court to present the numbers. Not everyone is comfortable using firearms or perhaps wants to/can afford physical security services where an armed and uniformed security professional would deter crime from their residence or business.

Where does that leave people looking for another protective solution? Thankfully, Xiphos Corporation has an answer. Xiphos is an authorized dealer for DefenseLite products that allow for the fortification of residences and businesses without being intrusive or not aesthetically pleasing.

In Impact Security, LLC’s own words, “DefenseLite® is a patented forced-entry security glazing system manufactured by Impact Security and has secured thousands of glazed openings across the US. This retrofit security shield is designed to mount onto the existing glazing, creating unmatched protection against smash-and-grab crime. DefenseLite transforms windows and doors into impenetrable openings that are 250 times stronger than glass alone. DefenseLite is not an applied security film, but rather a heavy gauge architectural grade polycarbonate shield and extruded framing system designed to keep intruders out. The surface of the polycarbonate is UV coated to protect against degradation, and the systems can be warranted for up to 15 years. Scratching, graffiti, and other factors that may result in damage to the material are mitigated by our proprietary sacrificial laminated coating that protects the surface of the DefenseLite shield. DefenseLite’s patent-pending ‘Moore Venting System’ prevents moisture and condensation buildup prevalent in competing for over-glaze systems.”

When defending your residence or place of business from bad actors, there is no singular right or wrong answer; instead, evaluating the risks as a whole, measuring your reasonable ability to respond based on your own life experiences and level of training, you can meld different tools and tactics to achieve the safest possible outcome.

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