Industries We Serve

Xiphos specializes in high-threat areas of operation. From executive protection for a myriad of clientele, threat assessments for faith-based organizations, to guard force management at cannabis businesses in the emerging legal markets, there is no challenge we have not been able to surmount.

Financial Institutions

We can assist Central Banks, Retail and Commercial Banks, Internet-based Banks, Credit Unions, Savings and Loan Associations, Investment Banks and Companies, Brokerage Firms, Insurance Companies, and others.

Government Institutions

We can protect Military posts, Municipalities with Public Safety, Hospitals, Doctor and Outpatient Facilities, City/County/State Administration buildings, Courthouses, Embassies, Consulates, and others.


We secure Private Businesses/Stores, Local, State, or National chains and their logistics, Specialty Stores, Hospitality, Night-life Industries, Hotels, Markets, Grocers, and others.


We shield Colleges, Community colleges, Graduate school, Junior colleges, Trade schools, Universities, School Districts, Elementary and Day Schools, among others, from danger.

Cannabis Security

We have extensive experience protecting cannabis businesses in both Colorado and California. Dispensaries, production, distribution, and cultivation and tertiary facilities. We have consulted and given lectures in other states as well.

Faith-Based Organizations

We safeguard places or houses of worship, religious buildings, and property, faith-based educational entities or care facilities, seminaries, and religious homes from criminal activity.