Frequently Asked Questions

Glenn A. Hardy, CPP, Chief Growth Officer can be reached at (916) 936-5750 or

Yes, Xiphos is currently registered as a Private Patrol Operator (#120282) through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services under the CA Department of Consumer Affairs. We currently hold all insurances as required by the regulatory bodies for Colorado as well.

Yes, all are carried in accordance with local and state regulations, and where applicable

Yes, for California, all Xiphos Security Operators possess a CA Guard Card and Exposed Firearm Permit (where required by client site). These licenses are authenticated via the BSIS records database before the execution of an employment agreement. Colorado does not have a statewide license requirement. Where locally required, we are licensed to perform security services.

Yes. Not only must Xiphos Security Operators hold active and clear licenses to obtain employment, but they must also meet our rigorous standards via the successful completion of the Operator Basic Training (OBT) course. This program of instruction is derived from the Army Special Forces Urban Combat course. Our corporate program incorporates classroom instruction as well as range training.

As a premier physical security provider, we go above and beyond to ensure the aesthetic of our Operators matches the training they receive. We purchase the best available uniform items from 5.11 Tactical to provide a proactive projection of confidence, and where appropriate and dependent on the threat level, we utilize body armor, duty belts, firearms, night vision/thermal capability, or other professional tools.

At Xiphos, we utilize a multi-layered approach to providing oversight and control for our Operators. Not only from a quality assurance perspective but one which considers Operator safety. We utilize a Security Operations Center (available 24/7) that employs a Dispatch function, among other capabilities.

Our Dispatcher conducts frequent radio checks with every Security Operator. We deploy QR code scan points at sensitive or vulnerable areas within the client’s property, which must be scanned several times per hour by a Security Operator that automatically is logged our system.

Unequivocally, no.

We are owned and operated out of Rancho Cordova, California. Our service footprint spans the state of California with a significant presence in Colorado as well. For specialized security consultation, we can operate in other areas of the U.S. and internationally.

Xiphos is uniquely positioned to provide excellent customer service to clients. Our first program of instruction for Security Operators focuses as much on being tactically proficient, as it does on customer service to enhance the client experience.

Our Operators are not only on-site to provide a visual deterrent to crime, but to deliver a great first impression for the customer, vendor, client, contractor, or other third parties they may encounter. We seek to make our Operators fully understand their professional environment and blend in, becoming one of your team.

We believe our high service standards and proactive client communication have contributed to an outstanding reputation in the physical security industry. We have a number of current and former clients that have expressed a willingness to provide a service reference upon request. Due to our expertise in the cannabis sector, we were selected to speak on cannabis security and its unique challenges, to be delivered by webinar on 24 FEB 2021, at an exchange hosted by ASIS; an organizational leader that sets global standards for security and compliance.

The geographic region and type of service to be provided are the two primary factors that drive our price points. Generally speaking, for guard service in California, the starting rates are $36.00 USD per hour. Colorado rates for guard services start at $32.00 USD per hour. For executive protection details, specialized assignments, or consultation, please contact Glenn Hardy for a custom service quote.

For the typical non-emergency guard force deployment in California or Colorado, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for staffing. We custom hire personnel for every assignment and do not utilize a standing guard pool. For emergencies and extraordinary circumstances, we can have qualified personnel on the ground within 24-48 hours, at an elevated bill rate. Additional information on the service timelines can be found in the section below, which speaks to our hiring process.

One of the ways that Xiphos separates itself from larger, generic brand security providers that will put almost anyone on your site is that we do not retain a “standing guard pool.”

We personalize the guard force for our Clients by customizing the hiring parameters, based on each unique requirement of Client and venue. We have a rigorous, multi-tier interview process. Our Armed Operators undergo a background check by the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  All Operators must also pass additional pre-employment screening, which may include further background investigation, personal history, and drug/alcohol screening. Finally, Operators must pass the OBT course before being deployed to a site.

Xiphos Corporation was founded in 2017. The executive leadership team, consisting of Glenn Weatherly, Aaron Brandenburg, and Glenn Hardy have more than 50 years of combined Special Forces and corporate/private sector experience. Beyond that, the leadership team brings years of professional relationship building with legislators, regulators, and community leaders.

We have a Central Dispatch function operated within our Security Operations Center. This service actively supports our in the field elements and customer contact, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

We currently provide 24-hour service, seven days a week, to many of the sites under our care. Many locations require staffing on holidays, and this is a common request for which we plan.