50 Years of
combined experience

Xiphos was founded in 2017 on three pillars: competence, capability, and community. Every decision is made looking through the lens of these beliefs – ensuring that we are bringing together the most talented people in our local and global community to provide the best service the security industry has to offer.

Pride in hiring veterans

Commitment to representing veterans in our workforce, etc.

Xiphos Corporation has lasting ties to our military community and Veterans. We leverage the valuable knowledge and experience of these men and women by assisting their transition to the civilian workforce and connecting them with opportunities in the security industry. We actively recruit and hire Veterans, and believe their value add to our team is a direct contributor to our success.

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Xiphos History

Founded in 2017 by two U.S. Army Special Forces Veterans, the Xiphos executive team recognized a growing demand throughout the U.S. for an organization capable of rapidly providing tailored and flexible security solutions to customers in any market.

The founders carry their passion for service from the military to the private sector. Their expertise found a home through consultation, threat management, and employing strategies formulated on the battlefield to protect people, assets, and property back home. As Xiphos continues to grow in size and scope, the dedication to safety and service is evident by the actions of the entire team – from executives in leadership to every guard on the frontline.


50 years of combined military law enforcement and special forces experience

Glenn Weatherly joined the US Army in 2002, under contract for the 18X program – a fast-track into US Army Special Forces.

Two and a half years later, he was awarded the coveted Green Beret, and assigned to a team with the 10th Special Forces Group in Colorado. During his 8 1/2 years within the special operations community he completed four tours to Iraq, two to Africa, and one to the Republic of Georgia.

Attaining the rank of Sergeant 1st Class, Glenn left the Army in 2013 and began working security in the private sector. He has previously held leadership positions in multiple security companies, including team supervisor, training director, operations director, and Chief Operations Officer.

With his extensive background in both the special operations community and the private security sector, Glenn’s role as the CEO of Xiphos Corporation is to lead our company into new markets, develop our strategies, and guide us in adapting to the ever-changing environments that we operate within.

Aaron Brandenburg joined the U.S. Army in 1995, becoming a paratrooper with the renowned 82nd Airborne Division. As his career advanced, he deployed twice to northern Africa and once to Kosovo.

In 2001, Aaron attended the US Army Ranger School and then Special Forces Assessment and Selection, where he was selected to begin the Special Forces Engineer Qualification Course. Upon completion of his training, he was assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group in Colorado, where he deployed four more times in support of the War on Terror.

Rising through the ranks, Aaron achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2. Aaron concluded his military service and brought that experience to bear as the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Xiphos Corp. In this role, Aaron is responsible for the execution of services that result in a cost-effective yet well-rounded protection solutions for our clients. Aaron also develops revolutionary products and offerings, which enable Xiphos to serve better its customers and their constituents.